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SDR Manager



Sales & Business Development
San Francisco, CA, USA · United States
Posted on Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Revi Mission 🚀

Revi is changing the way consumers interact with a business in the physical world. We offer businesses an in-store digital platform that allows them to build long-lasting relationships with their customers and allows consumers to digitally interact with any business they walk into.

Our product is a beautifully designed in-store ordering system where consumers can buy, pay, get rewards, and much more. The data collected is leveraged to improve the ordering experience and attract new consumers. With a fresh round of funding in the bank from top Silicon Valley investors, we are ready to pursue a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

🥳 Why Join Revi …

  • You’ll be getting in early to make a key impact at a marketplace startup that is experiencing rocket ship growth.
  • You’ll play a critical role in building Revi from the ground up, including influencing our culture, core values, who we end up hiring, and how we build and roll out world-class practices and processes.
  • You’ll experience unlimited growth opportunities as the company grows, scales and matures.
  • You’ll be part of a team that is mission-driven, works hard, plays hard and is in service to the consumers in our ecosystem.
  • You’ll be working with founders and an executive team that have entrepreneurial experience and have helped their companies achieve massive scale.
  • You will be part of rocketship growth. In less than 1.5 years, our team has grown from 8 to 50 brilliant minds across the United States, Latin America, Europe and South America. Our customer base has more than 10x’d.

The Revi Role 👩‍💻 👨🏾‍💻

We are looking for a leader, who is driven, leads by example and is competitive. Someone with experience as a B2B/SMB Sales Representative and has management experience to join a fast moving startup. As a Sales Development Manager for Revi, you will be responsible: (1) Drive a team of SDRs to create qualified demos for our account executives, (2) Providing training and development to the team, and (3) take on operational and administrative tasks to help the team perform and exceed expectations. Here are some other responsibilities as well.

Supervise hiring and onboarding of new SDRs

The sales development representative manager works closely with human resources to find the best SDR candidates. They provide a detailed job description with the necessary skills and qualifications for a candidate. They also have the final say regarding who’s shortlisted, interviewed, and accepted.

Once a candidate is chosen, the manager oversees the onboarding process. This includes negotiating the employee compensation and contract, as well as helping them assimilate into their new work environment.

Manage Lead Qualification

Companies use various methods when identifying prospect clients, including product trials, consultations, referrals, social media, and marketing but not all prospects become leads unless their level of interest is determined to fit as a potential customer. The process of filtering prospects to leads can be time-consuming but is crucial to ensure that only high-quality leads are pursued. This is where sales development managers come in.

Part of their responsibility is to filter out leads from prospects. They then assign these leads to SDR so that they can book appointments and work on closing deals. By doing this, companies save time and resources instead of pursuing all the potential leads even if they are not verified.

Oversee SDR team metrics

Sales development managers ensure the SDR team’s performance meets the company’s standards. They intervene when employees underperform, identify the root cause of the problem, and offer recommendations such as refresher training or one-on-one coaching.

They also monitor the team’s overall performance and assess whether the set goals are achieved. If it isn’t, they must come up with strategies on how to compensate for the deficit and improve for the next period.

Improve SDR retention rate

SDRs stay with companies for an average of 14 months, then either quit or shift to a different career path. This short job tenure is understandable due to the role’s stressful nature, but a skilled sales development manager can take steps to reduce the chances of them leaving.

For example, one of the reasons many SDRs cite for wanting to leave their job is a lack of career development. To combat this issue, sales development managers must provide them with continuous training and coaching to create a sense of professional growth

Coordinate with other departments

A sales manager has to coordinate with leaders from other departments to achieve the company’s sales objectives. This requires them to attend frequent meetings, maintain performance and progress reports, and develop strategies that support the goals of other departments.

Please apply only if you meet the requirements below.

What You’ll do 👷🏾‍♂️

  • Able to leverage data to ensure that OKR’s and KPI’s are hit daily.
  • Working side by side with your reps and coaching them how to handle objections and pitch Revi in order to book demos with prospects.
  • You will be a source of knowledge and best practices amongst the SDRs, and will help to train, onboard, and mentor new SDRs, while working with sales leadership and cross functional partners to achieve our company goals
  • Strong leader that owns a specific function and is able to translate the needs of the business throughout their org.
  • Heavily involved in hiring top talent for the SDR organization
  • Providing training and development to the team
  • Take on operational and administrative tasks to help the team perform and exceed expectations. Lead by example and make cold calls selling into local restaurants, coffee bars, cafes and other food and beverage stores
  • Ability to get a decision maker on the phone, articulate Revi's value proposition, book an appointment and get them to show up to that appointment
  • Clearly articulate products and solutions with prospective partners to successfully manage and overcome any objections
  • Create and update strategic daily plans that meets and exceed daily, weekly, and monthly goals
  • Utilize Salesforce.com for pipeline reporting, developing prospective partner profiles and documenting all sales-related activities
  • Must be diligent with following up with potential prospects
  • Actively participate in all programs and procedures that drive sales
  • Represent the Revi’s brand with class and professionalism
  • Any other duties that pertain to the sales department

What we expect you’ll bring to the role: 😎

  • Leading: 4+ years sales experience managing or leading a team
  • Experience: 4+ years in a SDR position or similar role
  • People Developer: You are driven by helping experienced and new SDRs maximize their strengths, improve their areas of opportunity, and develop each person based on their individual motivations
  • Team Leader: Foster a positive and collaborative team culture. Encourage continuous learning, creativity, and a results-oriented mindset, while driving towards a common goal, both in team and 1:1 settings.
  • Strategic Planner: Help evolve clear and measurable goals for the SDR team aligned with overall sales and business objectives. Formulate and execute effective sales development strategies to maximize lead generation and pipeline growth.
  • Process Optimization: Continuously evaluate and optimize sales development processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Leverage sales technology tools to streamline workflows and enhance the productivity of the team.
  • Collaboration: Be the eyes and ears for Revi’s SDR team - Work in collaboration with Sales, Ops, Marketing, and Product Marketing to develop effective messaging for outbound & inbound communications to your team’s assigned accounts.
  • Deep Caring: For your team and customers. Committed to our customer’s success long after the initial hand-off to sales. You’re continually looking to capture feedback on how we can improve as the initial point of contact for a prospects experience with Lumos.
  • Salesforce Experience: Have a basic understanding of Salesforce and being able to build reports.
  • High Expectations: Strong desire to exceed sales/revenue goals

A combination of the following would make your application stand out: 🤩

  • Speaking Multiple languages
  • Technology sales experience
  • Restaurant industry knowledge or the small to medium business space

Our Values

  • ❤️ Heart - A team that is passionate about what they do, with a heart of giving back.
  • 🔨 Impact - Being a versatile team player with an innovative mind and a firm backbone to make an impact on everything they touch.
  • 🏆 Excellence - A team committed to excellence in all we do, with integrity and supreme service.

Perks and Benefits of Joining the Revi Team

  • Equity package
  • Competitive salary, bonus
  • Unlimited Manager Approved PTO
  • Professional development
  • Excellent and comprehensive health plans (Medical, dental, vision, etc)
  • Flexible Vacation Policy
  • Paid holidays
  • Organized volunteer events to give back to our community
  • Off-sites, events and happy hours
  • OTE “On Target Earning" $90K - $120K