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Staff Software Engineer

Reibus International

Reibus International

Software Engineering
Austin, TX, USA
Posted on Thursday, December 21, 2023
API masters are what we need! We know that there is one out there that loves to find new ways to connect everything and everyone, who has an itch for leadership, and gets excited about a start-up culture that’s changing the status quo. Leading a team that’s building a platform that will reinvent supply chain processes for our customers and have grit to always raise the bar … that’s the DNA of this role.
Database and DevOps skills will be used daily as you point, poke, and work closely with the rest of the team to create APIs, build Lambda functions, configure databases, and setup infrastructure. You will help streamline existing processes with automation, as well as troubleshoot issues across multiple environments. You will establish and upgrade infrastructure for our platform using AWS, enhance our continuous integration, and provide help to others as they learn the best practices to achieve optimal productivity, stability, and security.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Create applications using Node JS, AWS, Github, Postgres and more
  • Lead a team of software engineers to develop world class applications
  • Steer others to produce improvements in backend development
  • Collaborate with other teams to determine business needs
  • Use customer feedback and data to build new features

Ideal Background

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 10+years’ experience in backend development required
  • Experience and passion around leading and mentoring junior engineers
  • Experience in a fast-paced start-up environment
  • Expert in Node.JS, Python, Java, or other popular programming languages
  • Experience with AWS Lambda Functions preferred
  • Expertise in ORMS including Prisma, Spring, or Hibernate. Prisma expertise preferred
  • Experience in setting up systems to monitor for bugs or performance issues
  • Expertise in RDBMS systems including Posgres or MySQL. Cloud based versions of these preferred
  • Expert in cloud-based environments like AWS, GCP, or Azure. AWS expertise preferred.
  • Expert in microservices, event-based architectures, or serverless solutions
You may have heard that Reibus is the fastest growing tech startup serving the industrial space with $300B market potential. Why is that? For starters, we offer a virtuous circle of solutions for the metals industry. This includes an easy-to-use B2B marketplace, finance solutions that customers can’t get enough of, and a burgeoning logistics business already growing faster than we imagined. But what drives our success isn’t great technology, or a visionary business plan. It is our culture. We invest in our culture and realize it is what sets us apart. Visit our office and you’ll experience it for yourself. We create an amazing place to work for our people. We solve real problems for our customers. That is why Reibus.
Our culture: The company values are at the core of today’s decisions and our vision for the future.
Our Paid to Live Program allows you to personalize your time off based on your specific needs. Employees are given time off with no set limits but are required to take a minimum of 10 vacation days per year.
The “Not-An-Employee Handbook:” Our 4-page preamble to working at Reibus is straightforward, and if you’re the right fit, inspiring.
“Be an adult:” This oft-repeated mantra exemplifies the ownership we empower our people with.
Lighthouse Leadership: We ask our leaders to live in the place of need, stand tall, shine a light, and be a home.
Diversity at Reibus isn’t about checking a box or maintaining a corporate image. We firmly believe that embracing a wide range of perspectives which leads to enhanced innovation, performance and a better place to work. We actively seek out and support individuals from all walks of life, recognizing that their unique experiences and backgrounds contribute to the richness of our collective knowledge. By fostering an environment where we learn from each other's beliefs and celebrate the differences that fuel our learning, we create a dynamic and inclusive workplace.
To learn more about becoming part of the Reibus team by emailing us at careers@reibus.com.