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Salesforce Administrator

Reibus International

Reibus International

Sales & Business Development
Atlanta, GA, USA
Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2023
We are looking for a Salesforce Administrator to join our Engineering team at Reibus in either Austin, TX or Atlanta, GA! You will be responsible for our Salesforce implementation and will help define and drive the Salesforce vision, roadmap, and architecture to enable our sales, customer success, and marketing teams to reach and exceed our company goals.
Our Salesforce implementation will be critical in helping to support key business objectives and a quickly growing team. You will have the opportunity to lay the foundation and architect a scalable Salesforce platform that will support our growth.


  • Be responsible for developing and executing our Salesforce strategy and roadmap
  • Act as subject matter expert and internal champion for Salesforce and its ecosystem
  • Maintain a governance model and change-management process for Salesforce
  • Maintain system documentation and SFDC policies and procedures
  • Evaluate new Salesforce tools as they become available, and implement where appropriate
  • Provide troubleshooting assistance and support for internal Salesforce users
  • Proactively identify and report data trends or potential data problems
  • Implement tools and practices to maintain Salesforce data integrity


  • 5+ years of experience in Salesforce including, but not limited to, profiles, permission sets, core object models, flows, approvals, reports & dashboards
  • Proven experience in integrating Salesforce with a variety of business systems (such as marketing automation tools, financial software, or custom applications)
  • Certificates are appreciated, experience creating results needed
  • Previous experience with CRM, ERP, and other application development knowledge is a plus
  • Experience with ERP integration a major plus
  • Experience developing custom features and solutions for ERP/CRM systems in similar roles
  • 2+ years with Apex a plus
You may have heard that Reibus is the fastest growing tech startup serving the industrial space with $300B market potential. Why is that? For starters, we offer a virtuous circle of solutions for the metals industry. This includes an easy-to-use B2B marketplace, finance solutions that customers can’t get enough of, and a burgeoning logistics business already growing faster than we imagined. But what drives our success isn’t great technology, or a visionary business plan. It is our culture. We invest in our culture and realize it is what sets us apart. Visit our office and you’ll experience it for yourself. We create an amazing place to work for our people. We solve real problems for our customers. That is why Reibus.
Our culture: The company values are at the core of today’s decisions and our vision for the future.
Our Paid to Live Program allows you to personalize your time off based on your specific needs. Employees are given time off with no set limits but are required to take a minimum of 10 vacation days per year.
The “Not-An-Employee Handbook:” Our 4-page preamble to working at Reibus is straightforward, and if you’re the right fit, inspiring.
“Be an adult:” This oft-repeated mantra exemplifies the ownership we empower our people with.
Lighthouse Leadership: We ask our leaders to live in the place of need, stand tall, shine a light, and be a home.
Diversity at Reibus isn’t about checking a box or maintaining a corporate image. We firmly believe that embracing a wide range of perspectives which leads to enhanced innovation, performance and a better place to work. We actively seek out and support individuals from all walks of life, recognizing that their unique experiences and backgrounds contribute to the richness of our collective knowledge. By fostering an environment where we learn from each other's beliefs and celebrate the differences that fuel our learning, we create a dynamic and inclusive workplace.
To learn more about becoming part of the Reibus team by emailing us at careers@reibus.com.