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Quantum Circuits
Quantum Circuits


New Haven, CT, USA


Consumer Products · DeepTech · Hardware · Manufacturing · Software


51-200 employees


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Quantum Circuits, Inc. (QCI) is a private venture founded in late 2015. QCI’s long-term goal is to develop, manufacture, and sell the first practical and useful quantum computers based on superconducting devices. Along the way to building a quantum computer, QCI will commercialize the components, devices, and software that will accelerate basic research and enable the scaling of quantum computing. “Quantum circuits” has a double meaning. First, the name indicates that QCI is focusing on the quantum circuit model for quantum computation, which enables universal and fault-tolerant operations using error correction. Second, our technology relies on quantum circuits – electrical devices using superconducting Josephson junctions that can act as solid-state quantum bits, or qubits. QCI was founded by three scientists from the Department of Applied Physics at Yale University: Michel Devoret, Luigi Frunzio, and Robert Schoelkopf. They are world-leading experts in quantum devices and quantum information processing with solid-state devices, with a decades-long record of innovation in new devices, techniques, and fundamental concepts. Their group has produced many scientific firsts, including the development of a “quantum bus” for entangling qubits with wires, the first implementation of a quantum algorithm with a solid-state device, and the demonstration of solid-state qubits with scalable levels of coherence.

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