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Blockchain Engineering Manager - Webb

Commonwealth Labs

Commonwealth Labs

Software Engineering, Other Engineering
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023


Webb is an interoperable zero-knowledge product lab focused on building and deploying zero-knowledge applications around the entire Web3 ecosystem. Our flagship product is the Webb Protocol, an interoperable privacy bridge for fungible cryptocurrency assets using the latest zero-knowledge proof systems.

The Webb Protocol is a large project with many moving parts. Our mission is to deploy an advanced interoperable cryptocurrency mixer to every possible blockchain that exists and every possible layer 2 solution. This means that while we make decisions about the underlying technology we use to build the Webb Protocol, when you work with Webb, you become exposed to as many ecosystems as we choose to operate in. We experiment with SNARKs and STARKs as well as the EVM, zkRollup & optimistic rollup, Polkadot, Cosmos, NEAR, Avalanche, and Solana ecosystems and more.


We are looking for blockchain engineers to help us build the Webb Protocol. You will help design and implement core functionality of our privacy bridge protocol and get hands on experience building with zero-knowledge tools in a variety of languages. The right person has at least 2+ years of experience building full-stack applications in the blockchain industry and at least 1+ years developing smart contract or distributed systems protocols.

The main area of ownership for a blockchain engineer at Webb is to:

  • Design and develop smart contracts that facilitate the Webb Protocol.
  • Build governance systems with multi-stage voting.
  • Integrate zero-knowledge tools into core blockchain protocol modules.
  • Write specs of modules and milestones for the protocol team.
  • Mentor and provide support to junior developers.
  • Read open-source libraries and APIs and contribute to open-source repos.


  • Experience in software engineering with a system programming language such as Rust or Golang.
  • Experience building cryptographic and distributed protocols
  • Proficiency in programming using the Typescript programming language.
  • Profiency programming with open-source libraries and blockchain APIs such as web3 / PolkadotJS
  • Understanding of blockchain technology and cryptoeconomic protocols
  • Ability to write very high quality, well-tested code

A plus

  • Experience programming with Solidity or WASM.
  • Experience building cryptographic and distributed protocols
  • Experience building zero-knowledge proof systems and/or applications.

Organisation and compensation

We match market rates with comparable equity packages to early stage-startup companies. Currently, we are a team of 5 full-time engineers. Equity can be taken at the company or the token issuance level. We also offer compensation in crypto if that is desired.

We are a fully remote team and are incubated by Commonwealth Labs, a venture builder. Together with Commonwealth Labs, the team is distributed between the NYC, San Francisco, Miami, Egypt, Serbia, and Israel. We work on slack and use Github to handle task allocation and use Notion to track technical specs and organise research. At Webb you'll have a tremendous amount of freedom to help shape the narrative and we don't have a ton of bureaucracy, you will be free and incentivised to do your best work on your own time.

Please reach out to [email hidden] to apply!