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Solutions Consultant



San Jose, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, November 20, 2023

As the revenue source of truth for our customers, BoostUp is an essential pillar in the sales tech stack, orchestrating the sales process and managing the pipeline with pinpoint precision. The Solutions Consultant is critical in this process, navigating the complexities of each customer's revenue organization, architecting tailored solutions, and championing best practices that foster scalability with accuracy.

What you will be doing


  • Understand your customer's revenue processes, pinpoint challenges, and decode technical prerequisites.
  • Define a personalized approach, including configurations and available customizations, that best fulfills customer requirements.
  • Lead technical workshops and pilot projects to showcase BoostUp’s solution and viability.
  • Collaborate with customer IT and Data teams to ensure a seamless integration of BoostUp into their existing technical ecosystems.
  • Deliver persuasive executive-level demonstrations, distilling complex technical details into digestible insights for all stakeholders.
  • Measure and convey the commercial impact of the technical decisions and solutions proposed.


  • Decode complex revenue schemas to architect solutions that echo the unique needs of each customer.
  • Establish configuration best practices tailored to specific workflow use cases.
  • Act as a conduit between the deployment team and clients, fine-tuning customizations and supporting sustained success and support 

Cross Functional Leadership:

  • Identify and bridge product gaps that could impede sales effectiveness, rollout, and adoption.
  • Drive educational initiatives within the organization, including monthly boot camps and weekly office hours, fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge exchange.

Marketing/Thought leadership: 

  • Host webinars and contribute thought leadership on emerging trends and best practices within the sales tech ecosystem. 

What You Bring to the Team

  • Proficiency in enterprise software with 5+ year's experience in CRM, Marketing Automation, BI/Analytics, Accounting, or related data-driven/process applications.
  • A proven track record in management consulting, sales consulting, or IT solution architecture, with several years of engagement in these fields.
  • Exceptional communication skills, with a knack for translating intricate systems into clear, understandable concepts.
  • A history of customer-facing roles, steering enterprise customers through significant business or technological transformations.
  • Demonstrable skill in spearheading technical discussions, advocating for solutions, and inspiring action based on the intrinsic value provided by our offerings.
  • Direct hands-on experience in demonstrating, crafting, and tailoring complex solutions to meet client needs.
  • Adept at creating and delivering impactful presentations suited for both operational and business stakeholders.
  • A proactive team player with a keen interest in extending your influence beyond the confines of your role, undertaking key initiatives to amplify the customer experience.

About Us

BoostUp.ai is the first Intelligent Revenue Management Platform built for the digital-selling and remote sales era. 

BoostUp solves the oldest problem in sales: the black box problem. The black box of Sales forecasting, pipelines, activity, and deals. Sales today operates on biased self-reported information and leaders are forced to use guess-work to make decisions causing forecasting slippage, lower win rates, inconsistent quota attainment, poor capacity allocation and inefficient pipeline management.

BoostUp’s AI platform brings holistic meaning to structured and unstructured sources of sales data - from emails, calendars, call recordings, transcripts, slack and such and helps sales leaders make better, more accurate decisions. Those capabilities are even more essential in the current, 100% distributed work model - which some sales teams are navigating for the first time.

BoostUp is founded by repeat SaaS entrepreneurs from Google, Yahoo & VMware and funded by top VCs. BoostUp’s market is composed of large B2B companies constituting a $10B+ market opportunity.